Unfurling Wings to Soar Digital Skies

The digital world has never been as vast as now and it's only going to expand further. House Sparrow Films strongly believes that a compelling digital presence can only be created with powerful content. Hence, we help brands of all kinds in expressing themselves through compelling multimedia content.


Want customer to flock around your brand?

Who we are

With a deep passion and unwavering spirit to keep the creativity flame alive in our hearts, House Sparrow Films is now essentially a multimedia content-as-a-service provider company. Taking inspiration from the highly adaptable bird-sparrow, we love to craft stories through text, video & audio, which can profit brands of all kinds and sizes.


When we started

Started as a side-project in 2016, the unrelenting baby steps walked us to become a full-fledged company in 2020. After successfully delivering more than a hundred projects, we are here to launch our new avatar in 2023.

What we do

We commit to deliver exceptional creative solutions that elevate brands of all sizes, inspire engagement, and drive meaningful results through engaging videos and captivating written content.


How we do it

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we set new standards of excellence in every project we deliver.


With every delivered project, we envision to push our boundaries even further, upskilling the thrill of the work we already love to do- storytelling!


Brands which soared through our creative nest

Join the league of the biggest players of content game who chose us, and propel towards new horizons through our winning strategies.

Meet Our Team

Coming from various professional backgrounds, we are a team of creative visionaries with a passion of storytelling. We love to create and unfold stories in mesmerizing ways.

Shashank Kumar

(Founder & CEO)

Ex-Byju's, YourDOST, Alex’s Strip & Littified

Nausheen Akhtar

(Founding Team & Lead Content)

Ex-Let’s Think Digital, Magic n Logic advertising Media

Ashutosh Kumar

(Founding Team & Animation and VFX)


Abhishek Kumar

(Founding Team & Art Director)

Ex-Byjus, Sugar March Media

Rajesh Amruthalur

(Founding Team & SEO)

Ex-IELTSMaterial, Getmyuni

Himanshu Raj

(Full Stack Developer)

Founder (HSR Hi-Tech Solutions)

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